Self-Sabotage: What are You Tolerating?

Self-Sabotage: What are You Tolerating?


coffeeSelf-Sabotage from Lemon

I was asked once by Suzanne Evans, a wise teacher, “What do you tolerate?” Then told, “Get rid of it.”

So yesterday we did just that!

A year ago I bought a new coffee pot, aka “Lemon.” Right out of the box Lemon leaked every single time you poured water from the carafe into the chamber.

Then after brewing, Lemon refused to pour coffee directly into a coffee mug. Chose to pour instead on the counter top or floor or my shoe, occasionally a cat who got in the way, and finally the kitchen sink when its owners remembered this annoying dysfunction.

At least once a week, without advance warning, Lemon was too tired to brew an entire pot and would stop at 4 cups. Then Lemon changed its mind over how it wanted to be turned off so as not to cook coffee all morning. Sometimes it preferred its switch. Other times it preferred to be unplugged from the wall.

We Googled Lemon’s reviews. Warm fuzzies. We weren’t alone. Lemon had many bad reviews. BUT we tolerated Lemon. Month after month after month, we tolerated Lemon!

No more! Yesterday we finally liberated ourselves from Lemon. Got a new coffee pot.

I’m still thinking about why we tolerated Lemon for an entire year? Astounded that we didn’t return Lemon that first day when we realized Lemon had serious issues.

I’ve got some thoughts about all this, so watch for a post or two about why we all tolerate things that don’t help us, make us unhappy, or keep us stuck in our business.

In the meantime, what are you tolerating? Lemons? People who bring you down? Business plans that don’t serve you? Team members who don’t follow through? Glitchy or unnecessarily complex software?

What are you tolerating in yourself? Ignoring the importance of a positive mindset? Neglecting healing that will help with the mindset? Refusing to get help because you’re convinced you can go it alone even though so far that hasn’t worked?

And the biggest toleration of all: Your own self-doubt!

Leave a comment. Let us know what you’re tolerating. Better yet what you used to tolerate and how you liberated yourself from it.


  1. Excellent post. I’m tolerating a messy desk. Ugh. Need to organize for my own sanity’s sake!

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