3 Secrets to The Secret: How to Manifest What You Want

3 Secrets to The Secret: How to Manifest What You Want

It’s no secret that “The Secret” doesn’t work for lots of folks. 

But it is a secret that thoughts DO NOT create reality! Despite what you’ve read in the Bible, despite what spiritual teachers for centuries have been saying, despite what you read on FaceBook, it’s simply not true. 

It is true, however, that you do create your reality. But it takes more than conscious thoughts.

Your reality comes from your conscious thoughts, your unconscious thoughts, your feelings, such esoteric things as your energy system (meridians and chakras), and sometimes even your cellular memory. 

Get all of those pieces in sync with your desire and you’ve just manifested that desire.

So how do you get these pieces in sync for manifesting your desire?

1. Think about your desire.  Make sure your desire fits with your beliefs. You may be able to imagine bringing in $10,000 a month but you can’t really imagine bringing in $100,000 a month. Is that possible? Of course, but unlikely simply because it doesn’t seem real to you.

2. Feel your desire. Feelings aren’t thoughts. Feelings live in your body. And the best way to get positive feelings in your body is moving. Start with smiling. It’s a simple movement you can do at your desk but it profoundly changes your brain pattern.

Listen to your favorite upbeat song and dance or skip or walk while you focus on what you want to manifest. These simple, fun movements help you get in the flow of your desire.

3.  Change your energy. Holding or tapping certain points on your body gets your energy system to line up with your thoughts. When you find yourself backing away from your desire from fear or feeling unworthy or panic or doubt, just “SNAP.”

And here’s how to do it:

When a negative thought comes up, close your eyes, place your fingertips very lightly above your eyebrows, and focus on the negative thought or feeling.

As you keep focusing, you’ll find that the negative thought goes away. You may have a hard time focusing on the negative thought. Or you may sense that it’s floating away. That the negative thought just isn’t there anymore. You’ve just snapped right out of negativity.

These neurovascular holding points, part of your energy system, act quickly and powerfully. Only takes a minute or less so it’s easy to do this several times a day when fear or doubt pops up.

 Manifesting Your Desire

If you really want what you want, remember not only to focus on your thoughts but to move by smiling, dancing, skipping, or walking while focusing on your desire. You can hop. You can jump. Just move. And when a negative thought pops up – and it will- don’t forget to SNAP right out of it.

Let me and my readers know what trick you have for manifesting your desire. Just leave a comment below. 

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Tomorrow: Manifesting from your heart instead of your brain.







  1. Thanks Dr MaryJo!

    When I first read your post I thought “ya right”, but I have been doing a lot of self-sabatoge lately so I thought what the heck it’s worth a shot.

    Boy was I surprised, it worked!

    Thanks so much for the excellent advice! I’ll be back

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