Secret to Selling Cookies

Secret to Selling Cookies

Lessons on How to Sell the MostShe beat the record.

Katie Francis, a sixth grader in Oklahoma City, sold 18,107 boxes of Girl Scout cookies between February 27 and March 24. 

Yes, you read it right: one kid sold 18,107 boxes of cookies in a month!

OK, so she did have a bit of help from Mom–after all Katie isn’t old enough to drive yet. But when you read the story, it’s clear that Katie, not Mom, made the sales.

Katie says she used just three secrets to sell 18,107 boxes of cookies. By the way, these secrets are fundamental and universal–no matter what you’re selling.

Here’s Katie’s list:

1. Time: For a month Katie devoted all her spare time to cookie sales. Nothing else. After school. On weekends. Whenever Katie wasn’t in school, doing homework or at her dance class, she was selling cookies including to those in the parking lot at the dance class.

2. Commitment: Katie rose to the challenge of beating last year’s record of 18,000. Promised herself she’d do what it took to sell more. And that she’d keep at it for the full  month.

3. Ask for the sale: Everywhere Katie went she asked people to buy cookies. She reports she simply asked every person she saw if they’d like a box of Thin Mints or Somoas or Tag-a-longs.

Katie, although not consciously aware of them, also used two more sales essentials:

1. Ignore the “no”: Obviously Katie wasn’t discouraged when someone didn’t buy a box of cookies. She moved on and asked the next person.

2. Support and Encouragement: Katie did the selling but she had help. Katie’s Mom supported her daughter’s commitment. And she provided the transportation around the city plus room in the car for dozens of boxes of cookies. Too many entrepreneurs think they can go it alone without support and help with the things beyond their skill level. They fail.

So how many boxes of cookies did you sell today?

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