about Dr. MaryJo Wagner

Looking for a Breakthrough?
Feeling Stuck?

Dr. MaryJo Wagner, author of the forthcoming book, Oh Look, There’s a Squirrel: My Life with ADHD, works with coaches, speakers, and authors to stop self-sabotage . . . to make more money.

Helps them Prioritze, Organize, and Plan to make more money! She calls it POP. Without POP, you won’t have much of a business. MaryJo teaches entrepreneurs to POP . . . to make more money. 

Helps them banish limiting beliefs . . . to make more money.

Once the reigning queen of shooting oneself in one’s foot, MaryJo has spent twenty-five years mastering fun and simple techniques and strategies to help her get unstuck, move forward, and keep moving forward.

She’s conquered ADHD (well, almost), battled low self-esteem, and learned how to stay focused and on track. Now her passion is showing you how to get unstuck, move forward, and keep moving forward.

MaryJo understands the ways many of us undermine our best intentions from procrastination to lack of focus to not believing in ourselves. She can help you identify what’s going on in your business and then move forward.

In addition to her perceptive and intuitive skills at hearing what’s going on in your business, MaryJo also has a bunch of quick easy tricks up her sleeve to help you stay on track, think positively, and get rid of behavior that doesn’t move your business forward.

She’s certified in Brain Gym and Heart Math, studied Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), EFT  (Emotional Freedom Technique), Energy Medicine, Holistic Memory Resolution (HMR), Energy Medicine, and many other modalities that can help you make more money in your business. 

They’re quick, easy, and fun. It’s all about integrating your brain, your heart, and your body to support your business and your passion.

She also has expertise in Internet Marketing from blogging to building a list to setting up autoresponders to organizing your online presence, one step at a time. No more confusion over what to do next.

MaryJo’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you reach their goals with less talk and a lot more action.

So what are you waiting for? Give MaryJo a ring at 303-484-8027 or email her today. Let her help you lay the foundation for the business of your dreams.