Self Sabotage Tip # 1: Is Internet ADHD Sabotaging Your Business?

Self Sabotage Tip # 1: Is Internet ADHD Sabotaging Your Business?

Overwhelmed by Too Much To Do for Your Business?

Not sure what the priority is for today? Distracted by all the stuff on the web? All the options? All the gurus? All the programs and classes you could get?

Does just reading your to-do list make you want to take a nap? Not sure what’s first because everything seems important? Too many options?

You Know you’re supposed to TAKE ACTION but what action?

RELAX! Breathe! Go downstairs if you’re upstairs. Go upstairs if you’re downstairs. Better yet, get out of the house and walk–even if only to the edge of your driveway.

O.K. Back at your desk. Now close your eyes. Focus on your heart center. Assume you are talking to your smart self (or your highest self or your guardian angel  or your spirit guide or your heart or your intuition or even your gut–whatever works for you). Ask the question: “What should I do now.”  When you get your answer, do it. Don’t argue. Don’t “yes but . . .” Just do it.

Rinse and Repeat. That’s all there is to it. Some days I repeat this process for every single thing I do.

By the way, this Tip is a twofer. 

1. Walk. Your brain loves movement, walking, exercise, even just standing up. It thinks more clearly and calms down. 

2. Get out of your head and ask your heart what to do when you’ve got too much on your plate and you’re feeling overwhelmed.

You’ll be on your way to Stopping Self-Sabotage and making more money in your business after just the first session.

Read about a form of self-sabotage that we experienced at our house for a year! Find how we tolerated Lemon. Yes, tolerating that which doesn’t serve you is yet another form of self-sabotage.


  1. Simple yet effective advice! I actually suffer from ADHD, not just the internet kind, lol. It gets even worse when I get online to try and accomplish something. One tip I found was to start the day with a To Do list that had only one thing on it. I focus on getting that done and done well. When it is completed I can move on to the larger list.

    • Dr. MaryJo Wagner says:

      Great idea. I love a To Do list with just one thing on it. Good for you. I have to admit that I suffer from overly long to-do lists!

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