Beat Resistance with This Book!

Beat Resistance with This Book!

Just finished reading Steven Pressfield’s “War of Art.”

It is THE best book out there on Resistance and Self-sabotage (until my book comes out–LOL). Profound, brilliant, and even funny!

 And it’s a major kick in the seat of the pants! (Oh, by the way, this Steven Pressfield is the same guy who wrote “The Legend of Bagger Vance.”)

It’s a quick read and one that will stay on your “read-this-again” list, even if it’s the only book on your list.

If you’re stuck, Pressfield knows why. If you think it’s easy, he’s here to tell you, it isn’t. If you think what you’re doing isn’t really self-sabotage, he’ll explain why it is.

Bottom line if you aren’t working on your work, your passion, your dream everyday, it’s not going to happen. And if you think you’ll always feel comfortable and happy while working away everyday, well, you won’t.

Oops, now I’ve made the process sound grim. It isn’t. But it is about consistent work!

Pressfield reminds us that if we do our work, the muse (or your higher self, or inspiration, or angels, or the divine–you choose) will do her work.

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